Monday, April 1, 2024

March '24 Joke Round-Up

  Wow, I started off this month so strongly.  Then I completely shit the bed and took weeks off at a time from writing jokes.  It’s almost like I’m not even good at this and I’m just wasting everyone’s time!  Truth be told, I suspect I’m only wasting my own time because there is absolutely no way anyone even reads these things at this point.  Is this just me keeping a diary at this point?  Find out next time on “Ryan gets unnecessarily introspective.”  These are some jokes I wrote.


My submission for Father of the Year: My son was just talking to me about his new Kirby game and I missed everything he said because I was thinking about pizza.


I didn't want my wife to think I'd been in the bathroom for over an hour.


I like that when you hit your 30s your body just forgets how to do things that it had been properly doing for years.

"Yo! I usually grow hair on the shoulders right? No? Oh well it's there now, enjoy.  Also, kinda forgot what I'm doing with those eyebrows, but you can fix that, right? Cool.  One last thing, I don't really remember how to deal with alcohol anymore, so you're just gonna have to feel like shit for 2 days. Prepare accordingly."


So, apparently this has nothing to do with Cody Rhodes.


I have a blanket with our family photo on it.  This is how my wife folded that blanket.


My wife and my dog are both sick today. Same strategy for both: hide their medicine in a piece of cheese.


Having to put our sick dog in diapers feels like karma for all the times I've mentioned that I never had to worry about diapers with my kids because I didn't meet my wife until well after the kids were out of that stage.


The Red Cross is opening a Donor Rewards store where you can earn points for blood donations and redeem them for things like tumblers or gift cards.  I think it is a super nice gesture, but it also kinda feels like I'm selling my blood for swag now.


I have filled 2 trash cans full of gumballs and it doesn't look like I've done any yard work at all.  I need to know the statistics on how many people became atheists after having sweet gum trees in their yard and saying to themselves, "Clearly, this is not the creation of a being that loves me and wants me to be happy."

Re-reading this last one about gumballs just got me all pissed off again.  I hate these fucking trees so much.  After dealing with these trees for like 6 years now, my new answer to the question of “what’s the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery?” is to cut down these fucking trees.  I don’t even care about buying a nicer house or anything, I could be moving out and my last act of vengeance would be to cut down these trees and curse the name of the person who thought they were a good idea.  Bastards.


Friday, March 1, 2024

February '24 Joke Round-Up

 February is arguably the worst month.  This year, we got a bonus day of February, which is essentially winning a kick in the dick.  Thankfully it is over now and we are inching ever closer to warmer weather, longer days, and me not being a miserable bastard (or maybe I’ll just be a different kind of miserable bastard in warm, sunny weather).  I keep thinking to myself “surely I have more to say here” but I have been absentmindedly staring at this screen for 2 hours now, so I think it’s time to just call this good and move on to the jokes.


Pharmaceutical commercial voiceovers: "You may develop a rare but deadly bacterial infection in your taint."

The people in the commercials:


My wife has learned to just never ask what I'm thinking about.


I haven't seen any videos of those dudes building swimming pools and houses in the jungle lately. I hope they're okay.


I really need a new bedtime routine.  This laying awake and thinking about every mistake I've ever made just isn't cutting it.


Went to make some coffee from a variety pack my wife got and I found my new nickname.


According to my latest health screening, my triglycerides are alarmingly high.


Sometimes if I'm feeling a little down, I'll eat foods that I know will make me gassy so I can laugh about farts and feel better.


Things like modern medicine, irrigation, airplanes, and the internet are all pretty cool, but cheese powder (Cheetos, Doritos) still might be my favorite thing humans have ever invented.


Have you ever noticed that we all use the exact same stupid voice when we're telling a story and quoting a person we don't like?


If I ever reach out to you and say "I would really like a sweet potato" just know that's code-speak for "I'm in danger, send help."  Fuck sweet potatoes.

What a great way to close out that month: find out that I’m unhealthy and then make absolutely no changes to my dietary choices to amend this problem.  Fair play.


Thursday, February 1, 2024

January '24 Joke Round-Up

  We are a month into 2024.  Of that month, there’s been like 3 days worth of sunlight. It has been fucking awful and I hate it.  Also, it’s been miserably cold for most of that.  And when it wasn’t miserably cold, it was still regular cold.  Everything about this time of year is the absolute worst and if you like it then you are wrong and awful too.  I said it and I stand firm in that belief, no take-backsies.  On the bright side, I am finally able to consistently remember what day of the week it is after the absolute anarchy that is the holiday season, so that’s something.  Obviously, my very first post from the new year had some strong feelings coming through about this season.  


The struggle I have with this time of year is that, pretty much starting with Thanksgiving, everything gets ridiculous for like a month and a half.  There's tons of days off work, people are off using up the last of their PTO before it expires, there's random parties all the time, cookies become a dietary staple, day drinking and general fuckery are the norm.  Then we get to New Year's and it's like "Hope you enjoyed the last 6 weeks of being a degenerate, you gotta have your life together tomorrow.  Also, it's the shittiest weather of the year so have fun, asshole."


We sat down to watch a movie as a family last night.  I pointed out several movies, all of which someone else had some sort of objection to watching.  After 20 minutes of bargaining, the family finally came to a consensus.  30 minutes into the movie my wife and son were both asleep and my daughter had left to go do something else in her room. Next time, I'm just gonna watch Big Trouble in Little China by myself.


Things I have recently found out my wife does not enjoy: me rubbing my butt on her while making kissy noises.

Things I have recently found out that I really enjoy: rubbing my butt on my wife while making kissy noises.


Just a normal conversation with my daughter.


Duolingo once again trying to teach me phrases it knows I will use.


If there's one thing I know to be true in life, it's that people who don't have 5 fucking sweet gum trees in their yard love to tell you that you shouldn't clean up your yard waste in the fall and that it's better to just leave it on the ground until spring.


I think one of the underrated perks of having an electric vehicle would be the ability to tell other people "It's electric. Boogie woogie woogie."


It's only karaoke if it comes from the Karaoke region of Japan. Otherwise it's just sparkling singalongs.


Aside from the love and companionship of an adorably fuzzy and snuggleable creature, my favorite thing about having dogs is that I pretty much never have to worry about cleaning up food that I spill on the floor.

So I clearly started off the year a little slow in that first 2 weeks.  It kinda feels like every month I am lamenting my lack of creativity in the writing process, so this is probably just how I am now.