Monday, December 16, 2013

The Experiment

I’ve never been a fan of blogs.  I think it’s because I don’t really understand them.  Is it like a diary?  If so, why would I share it with people? And why would anyone be interested in reading it? I barely care what I’m doing, so I can’t imagine that anyone else cares what I’m doing.

            Ultimately, I am starting this as an experiment, because I have no idea if I can be a comedic writer.  I don’t know if I can have sustained humor across several paragraphs, or even sentences for that matter.  I worry about it.  It literally keeps me up at night. Not literally, because I still sleep fine.  So I guess it just figuratively keeps me up at night.  Is that a thing? Being figuratively kept awake?

            Regardless, people tell me I’m funny and I believe them because I like to blindly believe things that make me feel better about myself.  I know some people seem to get a kick out of my one-liners that I post on Facebook (probably nobody reading this right now because I haven’t shown anyone this blog yet…future readers, please let me know if I’m rich and famous now…and if I’ve turned into a douche because of the fame).  And I’ve been led to believe that people think I’m amusing in person, though I often wonder if I’m amusing in that “Oh, that’s tragic” sort of way.

            Where was I? Talking about how I’m trying to see if I can actually be funny while writing for extended periods of time.  Well, we’ll see where this goes.  This experiment may last a while; it may even cease to be an experiment.  Or I might get distracted and forget about it in favor of something else.  I’m gonna go make a sandwich.


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