Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Unnecessary Panic

                It’s officially been one day since I've had a blog and my brain is already losing its shit over the perceived rigors of maintaining a blog.  And not just any blog, but a blog that I haven’t fully decided if I’m going to keep and one that I haven’t shown  anyone yet.  Yes, my brain is stressing out over the ability to keep up with this hobby for my audience of no one.

                What’s even more absurd about this is that this isn't even technically my 2nd post.  I actually have a small handful more that I wrote before I even made this blog, so that I could release new content gradually and give myself time to write and be creative without an ever-impending feeling of “I've got nothing to post!”  But my brain, in its panic over a non-shortage of posts on a non-essential project for a non-existent fan base actually inspired me to write this post explaining the complete lack of a problem.  So, on the bright side:  yay, new content.  And on the other side: wtf brain? Chill out!

                I guess while I’m already writing I’ll attempt to explain what kind of content will likely show up on this blog.  I've already got a couple of goofy stories written about actual events in my life, and I’ll inevitably go on a tirade about something that annoys me at some point.  Perhaps there will be some humorous observations about everyday things as well.  You (my non-existent reader) should probably not expect it to be real high-brow, sophisticated humor because I’ve already got a storied past of disappointing people and I don’t want to add my zero readers to that long list of disappointed people as well.  And to be honest, historically I’ve had some very well received bathroom observations and toilet humor.  Some might say that’s childish, but I think it’s just good marketing because we may not all have the same hobbies, interests and affiliations, but I can guarantee that you’ve used a bathroom in recent memory.  And that makes me relatable.



  1. I'm a reader...you have an audience! No, I won't be hounding you for posts but I will be checking in to see if you've posted anything new. And I'm excited to see where this blog takes you!

    1. I am excited too! I can't wait to see what you have to post! Cause you have a ton of funny ass stories and pickup lines