Saturday, February 28, 2015

#Knuckles Goes to Trivia

                A while back I tried to write a post detailing some of the funny/ridiculous stories about my roommate, Knuckles.  I figured it would be an easy and entertaining post, since most people I tell the stories to already seem to enjoy them (I’ve even started using #Knuckles  when I post them on Facebook and Twitter in an effort to get him trending).  I actually gave up on that post partway through because it stopped being funny and basically made it seem like Knuckles was the worst human being on the planet (which I’m not necessarily ruling out).  Actually, there was enough meanness in it that I was worried I would be the primary suspect if he ever turned up missing or dead, so I figured I better ditch the post and come up with an alibi.  However, there are way too many great Knuckles stories and I’m way too eager to create new content, so I couldn’t ignore this wealth of entertainment forever.  So, here’s one of the most recent Knuckle stories for your entertainment.

Last Saturday night I went to a trivia night with some friends and my roommate, Knuckles.   The trivia itself started out pretty uneventful as far as trivia nights go, however, the $20 price of admission included free beer all night; Knuckles’ kryptonite.   It didn’t take long before he was completely unaware that any questions were being asked.  Here are some of the highlights of what Knuckles did upon getting wasted at trivia.

·         Knuckles and I each bid on a banner with a St Louis Blues player on it.  Knuckles won his.  I was outbid on mine by the bartender.  Later, when talking to the bartender she admitted she didn’t really want it and sold me the banner she had won.   Knuckles watched as this happened and money changed hands.   Between this happening and us getting home (about an hour), Knuckles asked 3 separate times “What’s this?  Did you win a banner too?”

·         Knuckles attempted to text his mom on the car ride home to tell her that he wasn’t drunk because “She always assumes I’m drunk on Saturdays.”  He never finished the text message because he found it too difficult to spell.

·         This conversation happened.
Knuckles: “I remember everything about every time I’ve been to Hooters.”
Ant: “Tell me about the 4th to last time you went there.”
Knuckles: “Shut up.”
Me: “Who was our waitress and what kind of beer did we drink when we went last weekend?”
Knuckles: “I don’t know.  Ambrily?  And we had Bud Light.”
Me: “Ambrily isn’t anyone’s name.  It was Ember and we had Urban Chestnut                                 Schnickelfritz.”
Ant: “I thought you remembered every time you went to Hooters?”
Knuckles: “I never said that.”
Ant: “You just said that.”
Knuckles: “You’re being an idiot.”

I went to bed when I got home.  Knuckles went to the bar.  I assume that next time I’m out at the bar I’ll hear more tales of his shenanigans (because people have a tendency to report back to me all the dumb things my roommate does).  And, while this is obviously the first #Knuckles post I’ve made, I have the distinct feeling that it will not be the last one.


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