Thursday, February 26, 2015

Reflection, Gratitude & Shameless Whoring

                My last post was pretty successful.  I mean, from my standpoint it was REALLY successful.  It got the most views I’ve ever had on a post, and it was “Liked” and shared several times on Facebook.   It got me recognized out in public by 2 strangers at the grocery store (once you’re famous you can’t do anything without being recognized!).  And now I have to follow that up?  No fucking way.

                I was tempted to just move on and post one of the stories that I’ve been saving up (and one of those is still going to follow this one up shortly) but I thought I’d take a minute to recognize the awkward situation I’ve put myself in.  I almost feel like people expect more out of me now than ever before (people rarely expect anything from me).  And aside from the outside pressure by my fan base (which I assume has grown by about 7 people), I’ve also put a lot of pressure on myself.  I’m still assuming that this Daily Show thing will work out, but if it doesn’t I’ve hit a new plateau for success with this blog (unfortunately, when I take over The Daily Show I won’t have time to keep up with my blog). 

                As it stands right now, my 10 Reasons Why The Daily Show With Ryan Rick Needs To Happen has about twice as many views as my 2nd most viewed article.  With the help of my faithful readers (I feel like my followers need their own catchy name; I’ll work on that) maybe that number will climb even higher.  I’ve whored it out on Facebook and Twitter and made some attempts to actually get it seen by someone, anyone at Comedy Central (janitors count) because….why not?  So please, please continue to share the article and help me whore myself out (I have no shame) because the only way I’m going to get (pseudo) famous is by employing legions of people to do my advertising for me (for free). 

                And sincerely, thank you so much to everyone who has read, liked, shared or otherwise supported me in my endeavor to host The Daily Show. I promise that I won’t forget all those who helped me when I become famous.  I’ll even have a giant house party you’ll be invited to and I’ll turn an in-ground swimming pool into a giant, grown-up ball-pit because, seriously, isn’t that what we all really want? (Please don’t pee/poop/vomit/have sex in the ball-pit; it’s for everyone to enjoy)   And while we’re all waiting for Comedy Central to make their formal job offer to me, please keep checking back for new content.  I still have a good handful of fresh stories to post. 

But for now… 

(Do you really want that hashtag to have been created in vain?  Share it!)


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