Saturday, January 31, 2015

Please Like Me

                Last year I managed to put up 22 posts for the entire year.  When I math it out, that comes out to about 1.8 posts per month.  So far this year, not counting this one, I managed to get 4 posts in January already and I have 5 more posts already typed and edited (so keep an eye out for upcoming posts like Mexican Bathroom and Text Anxiety!).   I’m going to hold off on posting those for a bit so that I can space them out appropriately because I am completely terrified that this creative streak I’ve hit will dry up at any moment and I won’t have any back-up posts to weather the storm. 
                Personally, I don’t know what a typical writing process is, but I know what works for me.  I’m not going to say what’s right and wrong in this realm because I’m just one awkward guy trying to make people giggle at the words I post on the internet; not an expert by any means.  There are some people that sit down with the intent to write X amount of words each day.  I’m sure that works in certain scenarios, but being the sole contributor to this blog and trying to make it consistently funny leads me to believe that if I try to force jokes when I’m not feeling inspired, they’re going to fall flat and suck.  So when I find something that gets me in the writing mood, something I want to share, you can bet that it’s going to be posted here.  And when I don’t you’ll see this thing go quiet (unless I pad my post count with mostly useless updates like this!). 

                And now, this is the part where I beg unapologetically for you to share this blog with other people you know.  I’m hoping you share it with people because you’re enjoying it, but I’ll probably settle for you sharing it because you’re embarrassed for me as well.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to quit my job because somebody hands me a big sack of money and says “Just be handsome and hilarious, there’s more where this came from.”  But for now, I just want to make sure I continue to increase the number of people who are able to get some enjoyment out of these stories and ideas that, until now, have just been locked away in my (cluttered) mind.

                I have a good lot of material stored up that hasn’t been written down yet.  And most days my life feels like a joke in itself as more of these stories are created.   Of course, if there comes a time when I need a break to drum up some new material, I’ve built up a decent enough back-catalog on here that you could be reading too.  So while you’re waiting for my next update, go back and check out Open Letter to A&E, Fishing Trip, Weather Nation, The Murder Room or any other of my previous posts.

Thanks for reading, there’s plenty more to come.


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