Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Losing Gracefully

              Well, as of yesterday my bid to become the next host of The Daily Show officially came to an end as Trevor Noah was named the successor to Jon Stewart.   To say that I’m disappointed would be an understatement, but when you’ve failed as much as I have, you’ve learned to (kinda) do it gracefully.  In fact, this isn’t even the first time I’ve failed at convincing the world to give me a TVshow.  But, in the vein of being a graceful failure, I do want wish Trevor the best of luck, while also reminding him that since I was passed up in favor of him, expectations are pretty damn high for his turn as host.

                But, loyal reader(s?), don’t you worry, I won’t be crying into my keyboard (for long).  For one, that could potentially short it out and I don’t feel like buying a new one.  And for two, I’ve got plenty of stuff going on here that doesn’t really give me enough time to remember how sad I am (I deal with my emotions in a totally healthy way).   Really, there are some things going on that I’m going to bill as new and exciting so that you keep coming back with some sort of (low) expectations for me.  You may have already noticed on of them in the URL for this site.  Just a couple of weeks ago I bought the domain www.lastplacetrophies.com , so my site is no longer a BlogSpot domain (that’s pretty exciting, right?).   I’m basically a professional now.

                I’ve also reached out to my friend and favorite artist, J. C. Mowrer for some updated artwork for my site.  Years ago he drew the picture of me that’s adorned the left side of my blog since I started it. And he’s now agreed to help me out with some new stuff that I am sure will make me look like considerably more of a cool and creative person than I actually am (most of my life is an elaborate ruse to make people think I don’t suck).  So, sometime in the future you’ll be seeing some visual changes to the blog as I incorporate the pieces he’s working on for me.  But more importantly, you should check out his art blog to see the work that he’s done and show him some love.  

                Another thing to look forward to is going to be my monthly joke round-up.  I write a fair amount of jokes during the course of my days/weeks/months.  They’re all pretty much one-off jokes that I post on my Facebook and Twitter accounts then never revisit.  But, I actually think these jokes are less stupid than my blog posts (the true sign of a creative mind is hating everything you create).  This will accomplish a few things.  It will give anyone who either doesn’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter a chance to see all the (possibly shitty) jokes I’m writing the rest of the time when I’m not blogging, it will let people catch up on jokes that they may have missed, it will give me an easy way of cataloging my jokes, and it is a totally cheap way for me to add an extra blog post in every month (I’m being transparent about my intentions).   

                One more idea I’ve been toying around with is the possibility of my own YouTube channel.  I’ve had a couple people tell me that I’d be great at it and I think that’s because they think I’m way too good-looking to not have my face everywhere but are uncomfortable with the idea of just outright telling me that I’m handsome (I often suffer with delusional thoughts).  I have another buddy who I have been kicking around this idea with and it is entirely possible that it may come to fruition in the future, but it is also entirely possible that I may never do anything with it (not that I ever struggle with commitment, ladies).  Either way, if it happens, you’ll know about it and I’ll expect you to follow that too.

                As I already mentioned, for at least the immediate future you can look forward to my monthly joke round-up, which I expect to post the first one of tomorrow (two posts in two days, that’s some fucking ambition).  And maybe in the long term, if you wish really hard and share the hell out of my blog with everyone you know, you may see me headlining my own TV show.  For now, you can still find me here amongst my Last Place Trophies.  And I’ll be watching The Daily Show as it transitions from Jon to Trevor.

                But Trevor Noah, if you screw this up, I will be waiting in the wings to snatch up that hosting job.  Good luck!


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